The game comes in three flavours. One for Windows only (with or without Java installed), one for Windows and Linux with Java installed and one for all other supported systems (Mac OSX and Solaris X86) including Windows and Linux.

Windows only

This version includes everything needed to play the game in a self-extracting archive. Just download, double click, unzip and run the Robombs.cmd to play it. Have fun!

Download the Windows-all-in-one-version!

or, if you prefer an installer to properly install the game, use this one:

Download the Windows installer!

Windows and Linux with Java5 (or higher) installed

If you are running Windows or Linux X86 and already have Java5 or higher installed, this version may be for you. It’s a zip-file that includes everything except Java itself. Download, unzip and run the Robombs.cmd for Windows or the (you may how the set the file’s attributes accordingly) for Linux to play.

Download the Windows/Linux version!

Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and Solaris

The webstart version supports Windows, Linux X86, Mac OSX and Solaris x86 (doesn’t run very well…). Java5 or higher has to be installed on your system to run it.

When clicking on the link, the browser may ask you “download or open”. Please choose “open”. If Java is installed correctly, the file extension will be associated with webstart already, so it should just work!

After starting the game, webstart will present you a security dialog where it states that the used certificate is untrusted and you should not start this application. Please ignore this. The game needs full access to your hardware (like any other game will do too) and i can’t afford a trusted certificate. Hence the message. The game doesn’t do anything that any other game won’t, so there’s no reason not to trust it.

Play Robombs via Java Webstart!

Source code

If you are interested in the sources, get them here:
These are the raw sources without any further comments. There are some comments in them, mostly in that parts that i took from another project of mine. However, some of these comments may be a bit outdated, because i’ve changed some code in the meantime without rewriting the comments.
Please note that the sources contain some third party sources (the packages that are not labeled “robombs…”). Other licenses may apply for these sources. For my sources, do whatever you like with them…